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Coliving and Coworking space in Aracena (Huelva – Andalusia – Spain)

Coliving and Coworking space in Aracena (Huelva – Andalusia – Spain)


Product Description

Cabila-co is a sustainable rural coliving and coworking space that we are creating at the heart of the natural park of Aracena and Picos de Aroche in Andalusia.


Cabila means tribe in Arabic. Therefore, Cabila-co reflects the idea of building our tribe together. By this we mean a community of likeminded people who believe in the benefits of connecting with nature, in the authenticity of rural areas and those who want to contribute to sustainable development.


The Sierra de Aracena, in contrast to well-known and frequently visited cities, such as Malaga or Seville, offers a closer and special contact with the local population and its natural, cultural and historical heritage. It is a perfect location for people who can work remotely (freelancers, digital nomads, artists, scholars, business teams, change-makers…) and who are looking for inspiration and development of their ideas. Working while living in small communities and in a natural environment helps them to improve their concentration, creativity and productivity.


Coworkation retreats in a natural environment as the Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena, where Cabilaco space is located, can bring nature back into your life and help you to counteract this deprivation that has become so endemic to our culture.

A welcoming place, far away from the stress of the city, where you can go to work and be creative. A place where you can disconnect from your daily routine and enjoy focusing on your own personal and professional development.

What are the benefits of a rural coworking and coliving space like Cabilaco?

§  A Perfect Gateaway from your routine

§  Working in smaller communities or somewhere completely remote allows you to fully focus on your work

§  the bonds made in rural coworking spaces tend to be stronger (team-building)

§  working outside of the cites allows us to reconnect with the nature — which is what most of us need from time to time.

§  Working out from a rural coworking space, also tends to be cheaper

§  Rural coworking have a big impact to the local community. For instance, hiring several people from the local village as staff and these jobs couldn’t exist without necessity of the space. Also, most people who stop by usually purchase some of the local produce from small business nearby. Apart from the sheer economic benefits, the local community is always invited to take part in educational and cultural workshops and seminars, which has unmeasurable nonmaterial benefits.

§  You also had a chance to interact with startups and nomads who already living in rural areas, colive with alternative communities, getting to know nice people with different life and work experiences.


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