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Coliving in Stockholm (Sweden) Colivings

Ostermalm Stockholm

Welcome home

K9 is a home where both joy and sadness are embraced, where we are accepted for who we are. It is a safe harbour where we all grow together.

K9 was created in 2016 by Tech Farm, with the idea that we can use 60% less space per person and still increase well-being and quality of life. Right now, there are 50 of us K9ers, half of which are Swedes, the rest are expats from 21 nationalities. We are a diverse bunch from all walks of life: doctor, designer, investor, professional match maker, ballet dancer, programmer, architect, politician, vegan food marketer, entrepreneur, event manager, inspirational speaker, teacher…

With such diversity, it is not strange when new businesses are born by the kitchen stove, life epiphanies happen after bumping into someone at the entrance, life-long friendships are born when you are just boiling tea water after getting up in the morning …




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